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How to factory reset your Netgear Router?

Factory Reset Netgear Router

How to factory reset your Netgear Router?

Is your internet connection dropping periodically? Do you suspect any malware attack on your internet? If yes, then it is the right time to protect your Netgear router by giving it a factory reset. When you do this, your router will automatically restore to its out-of-the-box condition. Be its username, password or any other setting, everything will roll back to its default setting.

Note:- Keep in mind that the reset process is the last process when you are done with everything because you will be going to lose all your saved settings.

Now, the question is how to reset Netgear router. Is there any manual way or do you have to go through a complete procedure to make it a true success? Though, there are two processes one through restore factory settings button and other through a web interface. But there are several points which we must keep in mind before doing so.

Consider the following points when you perform a factory reset, irrespective of which brand or model of router you are using.

#Point 1  Note all the network’s access passwords and network names

By writing all network’s information, you can use them back to set up your router like it was before. Moreover, you won’t require to make any changes in wifi settings on your devices like computer, tablet, game console etc.

In many cases, there is an option inside the router’s login panel to let you back up a configuration file which has all the important information stored in it.

#Point 2 Update router’s firmware

Updation is compulsory because the router will be susceptible to malware or virus attack. To protect from it, update your router’s firmware. To do this, login to your account, locate to firmware option and update it if any firmware is pending.

Note:- If your router is already infected, then a firmware update will not work but a Netgear Router Reset will.

What happens when you reset a Netgear router?

  1. Your router will restore to the default setting.
  2. Every saved setting will be restored.
  3. Internet speed will improve
  4. Bugs will be fixed
  5. The router will be clean out of virus or malware attack

Soft Reset your Netgear router using the web interface

Follow the steps to understand how to reset Netgear router using the web interface.

  1. Open a web browser and type http://www.routerlogin.net or
  2. Now, type the username and password in the required box.
  3. Default username and password are Admin (username) and password or 1234 (password).
  4. Move your cursor to maintenance section and choose Backup Setting.
  5. Click on Erase button and OK to confirm.

Once you click Erase button, the reset process will be successfully completed in a minute only.

Factory reset your Netgear router using the reset button

Most of the Netgear routers have a reset button at its back. Factory Reset Netgear Router using the below mentioned steps.

  1. Locate the reset or restore factory setting button.
  2. Use a tiny object like any paper clip or septic pin and put it inside.
  3. Press the button for 30 seconds and then release it.
  4. Wait until the power LED start to blink.

Voila! Your router will restore to factory setting.


On DGN2000 or DG834Gv5 Netgear Routers

Things are changed when it comes to DG834Gv5 model routers. There is no reset button as the resetting can be done using the WPS button. Press it for 10 seconds and the power LED will blink red. Release it after 10 seconds and the power LED will be solid.

If none of these methods work, then do this:-


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