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How to perform Netgear Orbi Setup | +1-844-245-8772

Orbi Setup

How to perform Netgear Orbi Setup | +1-844-245-8772

Netgear Orbi is considered to be the best in class routers all over the world today. Not just the elegant design but the device is heavily known for its high-speed wifi. Easy to set up, it has more power than any other router.With the option of Netgear parental control provided in this router, the parents are reset assured that their kids are not abusing the internet. To perform the Orbi Setup procedure, you get a manual guide with it. It consists of everything that helps you understand how the device function and how you can setup it. Though, being a new user, it gets tedious to follow and apply the procedure mentioned in the guide.

Hence, we bring you this guide to make thing simpler for you. We have given easy steps that will make you understand how you can perform Netgear Orbi Setup procedure within a few minutes only. Further, we have described some technical and non-technical issues that may occur when you set up or use this device.

Step by step guide to setup Netgear Orbi router

By following the steps we have given below, it will be easy for you to set up your router. Before this, you must understand the meaning of different LED lights.

Power LED

  • Solid Green: Power On
  • Solid Amber: Router/Satellite is rebooting.
  • Blinking Red: Firmware Corrupted
  • Blinking Amber: Means your satellite is resetting to default factory settings
  1. Router Ring LED
    • Solid White: Router Booting
    • When No Light: It means your router is operating normally
    • Blinking White: Router Resetting to factory settings
  • Amber: Your router is not connected to the internet
  • Blinking Blue/Magenta: Internet Limit reached

Now, follow the steps we have given below.

You can connect to the Orbi Network using different ways.

  1. Using the Netgear Orbi App

Begin with downloading Orbi app from the Google Play store and Apple App store. It will make things more simple for you. Using this, one can manage additional devices including satellites, pause the internet, run speed test and set up parental control. To download this, search the app on your play store.

  1. Using Web Browser

If you are using a computer system, then access orbilogin.net on your web browser system. Alternatively, you can also use the IP address: or When you access these IP addresses, you will see the default login page for your router. Next, it will ask you to enter the username and password. Use the below-given credentials.  

Username: admin

Password: password

If the given credentials don’t work, then clear your browser’s cookies and cache and try it again.

Change Orbi Wifi System admin login detail

Follow the steps and change your admin login detail.

 1 Open a browser in your computer and access http://orbilogin.com.

2: Next, enter the details asked there.

Default Username: admin

Default Password: password

3: Now, go to the Advanced>Administration>Set Password.

 4: Enter both the old and new password.

5: Fill all the details in the required field and click Apply.

6: In the admin login page, you will find  Add Orbi Satellite option. Choose “place your satellite” option.

7: Next, follow the appeared instructions and add satellite at a preferred place.

8: Now, connect the satellite to a power socket and turn it on.

9: Wait for a few seconds and your Satellite’s ring turns Solid White.

10: Press the sync button on the satellite so that white color blinks.

11: Locate the sync button on the screen and tap on it to sync the router with satellite.

12: Satellite’s ring LED may emit either of the three colors: Blue, Amber, Magenta and then turn off.

Issues that may occur during Netgear Orbi Setup

While following the setup guide, you may get stuck at several points. Find the below-given issues and get an adequate solution to fix them.

  1. Unable to login to Orbi router
  2. Can’t configure Orbi.
  3. Not accepting password
  4. Power LED not blinking

If any of these issues occur, then immediately connect with router experts who are 24/7 available at your service.

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